FREE Maths Science Educational Software

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Excellent software for students Preparing for Examinations

 Genius Maker ™ is the Multi-award Winning
software for Maths and Science students. It is specifically designed to aid High
school students in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It is an
essential tool for the preparation of home work as well as examinations for all
high school students.

Software modules designed by Professionals

 Genius Maker ™ is designed by talented
teachers and software professionals. It is designed in such a way that the
students can actually play with various Scientific & Mathematical phenomena
and formulas.

Genius Maker ™ acts as a Play Ground as well
as a Science Laboratory for students. Very special care is taken while designing
this software that the students shall never feel that they are studying. They
feel as if they are playing, but they actually learn Scientific and Mathematical
stuff from each and every module. 

Quick simple way to become

Genius Maker™ acts as a platform for a normal
student to become Genius. Minimum computer usage skill is sufficient to use
GeniusMaker. It comes with detailed Help files for the usage of every module
with elaborative examples. But the menus and buttons of each module is designed
in such a simple and practical way that the students can quickly start using and
mastering each module without using the Help files itself.

Whom for GeniusMaker ™
educational software is most suited ?

Genius Maker educational software is for the youth of age group 13 to18.
It is developed as a companion for students preparing for the subjects
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Why is it Free ? What is the
Catch ?

Genius Maker ™ has 2 editions,

     Genius Maker Free

     Genius Maker Premium Edition.

The free edition is free to download for
public. It provides 9 software modules free for unlimited usage out of 34
modules. The remaining 25 software modules are also provided along with free
edition with limitations in capability and restriction on number of usage. On
other hand, the premium edition licenses are sold for a price. It provides all
34 software modules with no limitations in capability and with no restrictions
on usage.

The people using the free edition understands
and likes our software and subsequently they decide to buy license for our
premium edition


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