Hi friends,

       One more Onam has been arrived to alert us about the good and prosperous lifestyle of an ancient civilized community, that we proud as our past. But friends if you ever think about the importance and moral side of the Onam celebration? That I am going to share my views of Onam celebration, may be you guys have different views about Onam. I would like to know, what you all think about the importance of Onam in the modern world. I don’t think that, Onam is not only about “onasadhya, oonjalaattam, onakkali, athappoo etc.”  But all these sort of celebrations has a meaningful thought which reveal the great vision of our forefathers to develop our humanity even in an ancient period. But how many of us thinking seriously about the importance to implement those views and ideas which our forefathers tried to convey us. If I write all the views about Onam on my mind, may be all of you will think I am trying dominate you all, but I am giving much importance to your view. Just consider my views as a thread and if anyone of you has any think to say please feel free to comment.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous Onam 


post your comments here....

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