Trees and Nature

Perhaps the most important ecological function of trees is protecting the land against erosion, the wearing away of top soil due towing and water. Trees make the land fertile and help prevent floods. Trees are the lungs of nature. In addition, they play an important role in global climate and the atmosphere regulation; the leaves of trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and provide oxygen that is necessary for life. Trees have an unending source of medicines.

But now a days we are facing problem called “deforestation”. The indiscriminate cutting or over harvesting of trees for construction of buildings, for pulp to make paper, or clear the land for agriculture, construction, or other human activities. This will reduce the rate of rain that we get and it will lead to water scarcity.  Global warming is also serious problem occurred due to the deforestation. It is due to the increasing of the amount of co2 in the atmosphere. By the smoke from the factories and by burning of oils, petrol, natural gas etc… The amount of co2 will increase in the atmosphere and there is no much trees for absorb excess co2 in the atmosphere. This will led to global warming.

If this situation continues our earth will reach to its end. All the living organisms will be destroyed. So we have to protect trees. We have to avoid deforestation and follow aforestation. We have to plant more trees. We need plants for our survival. We have to make people aware about the importance of trees. It is our duty to save our earth. So save trees …..Live peace fully  


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