Energy crisis faced by humanity

The consumption of energy is increasing day by day. More products are required to complete the needs for the functioning of more industries. The numbers of houses also are increasing. There is more demand for equipment and other luxury items. Electricity is highly essential to produce all these goods and for operating them. Electricity is must for operating machines that we used in our house also. This led to the consumption of more and more energy. But the availability of fuels like petroleum, coal, etc… is diminished day by day. Increased need for energy and the decrease in the availability is the cause of the energy crisis. This crisis cannot be allowed to continue. We have to find solution for this issue.

Suggestions to manage energy crisis

Every one of us should realize that electricity is one of the resources that should be conserved for the future. The use of CFL s will reduce the misuse of electricity a little bit. Bio-gas plants may establish to get energy for cooking and other such purpose. Solar appliances may help to reduce the consumption of electricity to some extent. Take care to switch off the electrical appliances soon after use. Keeping the television sets and computers in switch on position will also lead to energy loss. The defect of electrical appliances should be either rectified or if the defect cannot be rectified to replace them. Many such things may seem to be very silly. But if all the people are following these simple steps, it will help us to restrict the misuse of energy.

A law is enacted in India as “Energy conservation act” for the conservation of energy resources. It is aimed at the judicious use and conservation of energy.

For the conservation of energy:

  • Effective use of available energy resource.
  • Give importance to non-conventional sources of energy.
  • Use appliances that need very little energy for functioning.
  • Follow periodic maintenance for appliances.
  • Depend more on public transport and use of private vehicles to be reduced.
  • Use quality appliances.
  • Those who use gas stove, take care to prepare everything for cooking before lighting the stove.
  • Use pressure cooker.
  • Use bio-gas instead of LPG.

Today the need for energy is increasing. In order to conserve energy we should be careful. It is better to follow above steps.


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