Psychology of the students in the present scenario

The world of students is always fascinating. Just have a glance in the campus of a school or a college; you can see the cheerful faces of young generations, getting groomed to be the future of the nation. The wonderful thing about them is, those young faces refuse to show pain and stress, although they live every minute in them. There is dream in those eyes and a perpetual urge to achieve despite all the odds in life. Despite miseries and stress they are preparing hard to be soldiers, technologists, scientists, bureaucrats and even dream of achieving the impossible. The flame of courage and determination once ignited in such blooming of youth even does not get doused throughout life. All the living legends and of the past, who are famous for their discoveries, inventions and achievements only reincarnated what they had dreamt in their days as students. It is an axiomatic truth that seeking a right destination in life only begins from your student days.

As you see the world changing at a fast pace, with more shifts in our attitudes towards privileged living in money and luxuries, students appear to have become more vulnerable. There are endless exploitations in the names of employment, career and perspectives in education. There is excruciating stress in all fields of learning. A student has to toil most of the time in a day to fit into any career. There is increasing pressure in academics and at home to excel in life.

In the over-competitive world today, let’s take a glimpse inside the psychology of the students.

Students want to be achievers from a very early age Young children and teenaged boys and girls want to be achievers from very tender age. But their intention to achieve is not in the areas of their studies and extra-curricular activities. The innumerable television contests have caught their fancies and their aim is to be idols of the shows. You can find the long queue of aspirants before the entrance of the five-star hotels, who have come to appear at the preliminary screenings for a reality show. Earlier the contests were held once in a year to select one “Miss India” at the national level. But now the competition has spread to all areas of creativity. Song, dance and comedy are a few examples. Television channels host multiple shows in every category. These shows bring to the fore rags-to-riches stories of individuals. The extraordinary prize money, declared for the winner, is the trump-card for drawing large crowd of participants. It serves as a magnetic stunt of publicity drawing the interest of public. It keeps eyes feasted on the participants as well as the prize money. As the show moves, sponsors use compelling techniques of termination to reduce the number of participants to minimum. There are tears and hugs from fellow aspirants when the time for departure of one comes. Finally, in the breath-taking epilogue, the winner is crowned with the prize money. The sponsors mint cash while the advertisers stand in rows for displaying their ads. Such trend in the society has created a mind-set among youngsters to be champions at very early age. But sadly only hard work and ambition do not make a champion out of every aspirant.

Students aim for high salaried jobs once they finish their education– One very interesting trend emerging now-a-days, hankering for money by pursuing technological and professional jobs is more noticed in the students. It is happening because the so-called institutes offering technical and professional courses make wide publicity of their successful candidates in the campus selection. Even the newspapers quote the highest salaries offered in the campus selection of the prestigious institutes. Such things act as money-spinners for the owners of private institutions while drawing interest of students to study in those institutions by agreeing to pay very high course fees. Over all, the students do not want to rise by climbing on every rung of the ladder for success by dint of perseverance. Their aim is to set their feet on the pinnacle of success just by making one effort.

Students have great fancy towards luxury products- Be it motor bike or trendy mobile phones; it catches the imagination of young minds at a faster speed. Indirectly they are guinea pigs for every other adventure and misadventure by the private manufactures in the market. Private companies design specific products for youngsters, knowing that students will buy once they see one catchy technological feature in a product. They would not compare the value, less even the utility in the new product vis-à-vis their need, rather go for a buy once they see new technical innovation.

Students have good interest in popular sports In India the craze for cricket is noticed more in the students. They play the games which have many winners in their folds, forgetting those sports which do not have promising aspects of money and career. Although Hockey is the national game of India, you would not find interest to play it among the students?

A sizeable percentage of students want to take up the traditional careers and professions You would hardly find an unusual interest in the students to take up a new career or hobby. Those careers which do not promise money can not beget the attention of students. Money and life –style only create desire for a career.

Students want to work in foreign land There is increasing desire among students to work in the advanced nations of the world. The reason is more money and affluent life-style. The prevailing notion is that there are more opportunities in those far-off advanced nations. India has witnessed highest brain-drain over the past decades.

Students are more rational in their ideas and thinkingThe ideas and thoughts of the students are logical. They question the fundamentals of the accepted ideas which do not go by the principles of rationality. Over the decades, such noble endeavors by students have removed superstitions and myths from our society.

Students have more radical ideas towards religion, gender equality and prejudices The thoughts of students towards gender, religion and prejudices are always redeeming by nature and path-breaking. Students always volunteer any movement coming from such three fields.

What thoughts teachers nurture about students?

  • Teachers think students do not work hard- There is a growing resentment among the teachers that students avoid to work hard. They are always in search of short-cut methods to make money. Students lack patience while learning about new subjects.
  • They blame the extravagant nature in the students- Teachers disapprove the spendthrift ness in the students. Average opinion of the teachers’ community is students do not exercise their discretion while spending money.
  • Minimum number of students want to take teaching as a profession- There is growing concern among teachers that teaching as a profession is liked by less number of students. Students always go after jobs which are very demanding and have promising aspects like money and luxuries.
  • Teachers extend love and support for sincere students- This is an age old practice in our nation. Teachers continue to love and support the sincere and good students. Behind every achiever in every field, there lies the love and unconditional support of a teacher.
  • The generation gap between teachers, parents and students is growing- This is a common thought in all teachers that with more materialism in our society, the generation gap among teachers, parents and students is growing. Students have become more materialistic because of their immaturity of tender age. This tendency in them is unacceptable to teachers and parents.

Written by Srikant Mohanty on October 18, 2010



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